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Cash Table Updated

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The league table for cash handouts has finally been updated. Sorry it took so long, some interesting additions though…

Vying for the ‘worst poet in the world’ award is Jonathan Edwards, who as well as getting a mention in the Pulp of the Year page also gets some cash to come up with even more purile shit next year. He moves up the chart with two wads of cash now.

Well-paid BBC director / producer Daniel Davies gets even more public money in order to pay off his mortgage. He’s now up to three cash handouts!

Also in to the top of the table is Aled Jones Williams, part of the Wales Literature Exchange. He is also in the money with his third handout.

Tom Bullough is also with the Wales Literature Exchange, think we see a pattern developing here. He moves up the charts with his second pile of cash from you the taxpayer.

And then there is Sian Northey, yep, you guessed it. She also works for the Wales Literature Exchange. She also collects big with her second wad.

To see the updated page just click on the ‘Handouts‘ link.