ripoffWith all those millions getting dished out to the gravy train season ticket holders it sometimes gets hard for every parasite to get a piece of the pie.

Well, never fear, for there are still plenty of other ways to skin a cat, or should that metaphor be ‘line one’s pockets’?

So, if you’re a struggling artist what better way to feel good about yourself than to top up the bank balances of the ‘established’ writers of Wales and their friends.

One great way is to pay these non-entities to run a writing course. Don’t ask to see their teaching qualifications, and certainly never presume that you may come away with a better understanding of the world around you or be able to put more than two words on a piece of paper afterwards but, hey, this isn’t about you! These leeches have mortgages on farms to pay.

So if this appeals to you, why not book a course at Ty Newydd? You won’t be disappointed. Well, actually you more than likely will be. We were.

But what if you can’t quite stump up the £500 or more for a course? Well, never fear help is at hand. Literature Wales organises a myriad of crappy events – there are plenty to choose from, they are nearly all a complete waste of time, and nearly all run by writers no-one outside Wales has ever heard of, most of whom can’t sell any books.

They get a fee for appearing, and you have to pay to see the smug bastards – the perfect partnership!

One thought on “Partnership

    grumpydenier said:
    March 23, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    How did you know my wife is half-Welsh on her Father’s side? Anywho, good luck with your fight. If the UK rail system ran as well as all the gravy trains we are paying, for they’d never be late, would they?

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