Cash Translator

Not content with embarrassing us here in Wales by promoting their inferior work the arts council have found a new way of dishing out money to their friends. It’s called the Wales Literature Exchange. Heard of it? I doubt it. They don’t exactly publicise their crafty dealings do they!

So what is it? Well, basically its just another arm of the arts business here in Wales that is supposed to give financial support to foreign publishers. Mmm?

They get loads of cash to help towards the cost of translating literary works from Wales into other languages.

Any writer from Wales can apply but don’t worry you won’t get any joy from them, they keep it all very much in-house. This is for themselves and their friends. What friends I hear you ask? Lol, as if you didn’t know! Just compare the writers they translate with the list of handout recipients – yep, they’re all the same!

Here’s the advisory panel:

Yep, you’ve guessed it, Pulp of the Year, Handouts, Welsh Book Publishers etc. It’s so obvious!

Oh, did I mention there is foreign travel up for grabs too? France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico… guess who they sent on a freebie? Yeh, wasn’t a hard one was it – Owen Sheers.

Yet another ingenious way to make sure your taxpayers cash never leaves the gravy train station.