Month: February 2016

Arts Council Cuts

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We all know that the arts council gets too much money. And we all know that they waste it on free wine, sandwiches and events that no-one outside a small circle of rich, middle-class friends goes to, but how many people know just how much these parasitic organisms actually consume of taxpayers money?


Well, now we do. Early in Dec 2015 the Welsh Assembly (you know the one, the one that is supposed to create jobs and prosperity for the people of Wales, the one that is residing over the biggest cuts to council budgets ever) decided (quite rightly) to cut the arts council budget by a meagre 4.7%.

So what you might say? But then Arts Council Chair, Prof. Dai Smith, said:

“… The proposed funding next year of over £30m is a substantial investment in the arts and we welcome the Welsh Government’s continuing commitment. This is not an accident – it is the result of more than a decade of sustained public and Lottery investment in our cultural life…”

Hang on a minute, did he just say £30 million! Yep. And they complain!

So who exactly gets this £30 million? Do you know any writers or artists that have had a share? Answers on a postcard please…

We know who gets it. Click here, and here, and here.

But guess what? Not content with this huge amount of public money for producing… mmm? well, shit really, these greedy bastards then enrol the help of the supposedly unbiased (don’t all laugh together) BBC in order to fight the cuts!

And guess what, they got their way.

Among those seeing large increases in their funding are the absolutely fucking awful Artes Mundi, Disability Arts Cymru, Mid Wales Opera and National Theatre Wales.

The Welsh National Opera will receive an additional £250,000 on top of the £4.5m it previously received.

I bet single mothers everywhere are celebrating that one up and down the country.

Five groups – the Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias music centre in Caernarfon, Cardiff-based NoFit State Circus, Independent Ballet Wales, the Sinfonia Cymru orchestra and Abergavenny-based Theatr Ffynnon will receive guaranteed ACW funding for the first time.

Among the recipients of the biggest increases in funding are National Theatre Wales, Welsh National Opera and Ruthin Craft Centre.